About Us
Rangaraya Medical College Alumni of North America (RMCANA) is a 501 (c)(3) organization (EIN: 63-1126919) formed in 1991. The organization is registered in the state of Alabama. RMCANA meets once every 2 years.
RMCANA-Vision/Values Statement:

Excellence: Striving for excellence in clinical and research standards in both in India and the United States.

Leadership and Teamwork: Cultivating collaborations with American and Indian healthcare leaders to advance health and education Initiatives.

Innovation and Research: Coordinating with our Almamater, we aim to ignite the spirit of innovation and research, nurturing the future generation of physicians, scientists and health professionals.

Compassionate Care: Fostering an environment and educational approach that upholds the values of treating patients and colleagues with everyday dignity, respect, and kindness.

RMCANA-Mission Statement

“Wherever life takes you and whatever endeavors you pursue, it is crucial to consistently honor the trust bestowed upon you by your parents, by your nation, and by your Alma mater.”

At Rangaraya Medical College, our commitment revolves around the motto of nurturing young women and men for global leadership and service. We achieve this by seamlessly blending academic excellence with compassionate care, fostering an environment that empowers Rangarayans to realize their fullest potential.

RMCANA: (Rangaraya medical college Alumni of North America) is dedicated to making a positive impact both in India and USA through:

  • Education: Equipping the physicians, scientists and care givers with the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of patients and the local communities.
  • Treatment: Implementing evidence-based protocols to enhance current patient management and pioneering innovations for future patient care.
  • Research: Advancing knowledge and skills to contribute to better treatments, cures, and prevention on national and international scales.
  • Social and cultural activities: Organizing and facilitating regular gatherings for alumni and their families to promote and preserve the rich Rangaraya culture for present and future generations.