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Rangaraya Medical College Alumni Association of North America (RMCANA) welcomes you to visit our exciting and informative web site. The very mention of alumni brings before us the glorious events of the past and unique bond that exist between the mother institute and its pupils.
RMCANA web site is a one stop resource center for all the Rangarayans, You can log on to read all the published souvenirs, look at the photo gallery and search fellow Rangarayans by the year of admission, current location etc. There are some useful links to explore the scientific and cultural associations in both USA and India.
We sincerely hope that our fellow Rangarayans in USA and Canada will explore this web site and share their achievements and other news, happy and sad alike, with their brothers and sisters in RMCANA.
Please send us your pictures, family photos or anything you want to share with fellow Rangarayans for display on the web.
We also want your feedback to improve the web site.
Anu Prasad Vellanki,MD.,
President, RMCANA.

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Memorial Day Weekend
New Orleans

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Welcome to RMCANA networking portal. You need to log in to access this site. You can find information about your fellow Rangarayans through this portal you can access them by last name, your state or your class mates / batch by using the year of admission into medical school.

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Memorial Day Weekend ( May 24th - 26th)

in New Orleans

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